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Rurouni Kenshin Volume 25 Chapter 223: Dream, Reality, and Illusion

"While editing some promos for Jinchuu arc of Ruroken manga, I realized that Jinchuu has a lot of too tragic or too stupid moments. That made me question why I still love it so much. The thing is though it has a lot of great scenes as well, its crown jewel, the sequence in which Kenshin looks upon his life, is very rare and because of this, is very precious.

The character looks at his path in life and sees how time and time again he chooses the same thing in the hope that everything will be alright and how every time he fails. He rejects his wishes for happiness for himself and stands up again. And again, he fails. Life’s constantly asking him, “Are you sure?” And he never loses faith in the brighter future when everything at last will be right and fair and it never happens. Still he stands up again… That’s very beautiful scene because it’s so human. So human to hope that this time it won’t be like the last time, that universe is not evil and everything tends to good and just and not to self-destruction.

Among countless shonen mangas in which heros fight in order to win, there is only one manga in which hero fights desperate battle that could never be won and could never be given up on.” [x]

Dedicated to kateviardo. Belated happy birthday, Kate! ^^x

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Just opened up my package from CDJapan and there was the Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Taika-hen & Densetsu no Saiga-hen photobook. Some really nice images in here. (Read the captions embedded in the images)

Now if only I could find the movies online somewhere…..


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Part 2 of spoilery pics from the RuroKen movies 2 & 3 photo book. Including Shinta (aka: young Kenshin), Hiko, Aoshi and others.

If someone knows who the guy in the very first picture is with the burnt face, please share.

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