Sessha wa rurouni!

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I’m glad that aworldwithoutroses made that very nice post about kaoru
To me kaoru is someone I look up to besides Megumi she’s my favorite and well all the hate has to end and I know some prefer kenshin with tomoe but face it people are gonna like who they like and I hate seeing people Bitch because
Tomoe is good for kenshin and also say oh kaoru is a cry baby and annoying because she’s loud and eats a lot
Its all bullshit but still people are gonna like who they like

 takedasangel  you know I not very good with english right? please forgive my mistakes.

I think  it´s so funny, I´m a fan for almost 14 years now, and this “battle” never ends!

I think we have to respect both. I´m writing this fanfic… Tomoe is Kenshin ex girlfriend…in my reviews people hate her SO MUCH. Poor girl, she never did anything wrong ~.~*

Ok, I admit, in the manga, Tomoe boring face annoys me too hehehe ^^. But I don´t hate her.Never really did.

She was a mourning person, trying to live a lie, dealing with complicated decisions she made. and *I don´t think she was in love with Kenshin*…. she felt sorry for him, just my opinion ok? But without Tomoe in his life, Kenshin probably would die. Suicide or killed by his successorShishio Makoto. She was important to Kenshin!

Kaoru…Well, Kaoru Kamiya is so imperfect! so tsundere. And it´s what  makes her perfect to me! She is so young, loud, crazy, funny, warm, cold, affectionate, brave, fearful, hungry! HUMAN! This young woman is the pillar that supports this crazy family and the legendary hitokiri of the Meiji Revolution ! And she loves Kenshin 100%. Kenshin loves her 100%. and I love both 100%

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